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June 2019

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"Katherine Ashworth Brandt: Her Dine After Dark helps dawn-to-dusk Ramadan fasters find better food options."


Line Today (Malaysia) - TV


JUNE 1, 2019

Dine After Dark

(Language: Malay; Translation courtesy of Google)

"Ramadan fasting time on the US east coast falls shortly before 8:30 p.m. while restaurants are generally closed at 9-10 p.m., making the iftar in restaurants a challenge. A Christian [woman] initiated "Dine After Dark", which invites restaurants to extend their operational time."


Al Arabiya (UAE & Saudi Arabia) - TV


MAY 31, 2019

 Ramadan In Non-Islamic Countries Is A Completely Different Experience

(Language: Arabic; Translation courtesy of Google)


Industries News


MAY 31, 2019

Washington Restaurants Urged to Cater to Muslims During Ramadan


"Now there is a new initiative to give Muslims in the Washington area more dining options during Ramadan, called Dine After Dark. The idea is for restaurants to open a couple of hours earlier or later during the holy month, to accommodate Muslims who fast from sunrise to sunset."


TRT World News (Turkey) - TV


MAY 30, 2019

US Restaurants Accommodate Fasting Muslims

"A new programme in Washington is encouraging restaurants to extend their opening hours to cater for Muslims during the holy month. It's also opened a late night soup kitchen for Muslims in need. Harry Horton reports on Ramadan and Dine After Dark."


Voice of America News (Worldwide) - TV


MAY 30, 2019

Washington Restaurants Encouraged to Cater to Muslims During Ramadan

"In the Washington area, there is a push to give Muslims more dining options during Ramadan. Local restaurants would open a couple of hours earlier or later during the holy month to accommodate Muslim customers who fast from sunrise to sunset. The moves give Muslims more places to dine and restaurants more customers to serve. A couple of restaurants that are open late have joined the effort with the hope others will follow. VOA's Deborah Block tells us about the initiative called Dine After Dark."


Voice of America News, Urdu (South & Central Asia) - TV


MAY 21, 2019

Change In Restaurant Hours In Washington DC

 (Language: Urdu; Translation courtesy of Google)

"In America, restaurants and other businesses are usually closed in the evening. The American Capital is being requested for the first time during the month of Ramadan in Washington DC, to make a change in their hours [to Dine After Dark] so that the Muslims take advantage of it."


The Arab Weekly (London)


MAY 19, 2019

Washington’s Iftar Cars Catering To Muslims With Empathy

"Brandt created Dine After Dark, a non-profit organisation, this year and worked with local businesses to both stay open later and advertise for Ramadan. However, she noted another group was missing out on after-sunset eating options: Washington’s homeless population. Homeless shelters often have early curfews, so meals are typically served before sunset.

"Brandt checked with Martha’s Table, a local charity that provides healthy food to at-risk people, which is near the Ivy City Masjid, and the “Iftar Car” was created. Every weekday, Dine After Dark serves meals in Ivy City from 8pm-9pm. The Iftar Car makes its way to the Islamic Centre of Washington on Saturdays and to the Yaro Collective’s iftar on the National Mall on Sundays."


Voice of America News, Dari (Afghanistan) - TV


MAY 16, 2019

Iftar In Washington

(Language: Dari; Translation courtesy of Google)

"Katherine Ashworth Brandt, a former congressional aide and graduate student at George Washington University, has started the [Dine After Dark] initiative to attract restaurants in the capital of the United States to provide an Iftar for Muslims."


Arlington Now


 MAY 10, 2019

Here’s A Look As Some Iftar Options In Arlington For Ramadan

"Katherine Ashworth Brandt, president and founder of Dine After Dark — a nonprofit organization encouraging local restaurants to extend their hours for Ramadan — said the Busboys and Poets in Shirlington (4251 Campbell Avenue) is participating with extended hours. The restaurant is scheduled to be open until 11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and until 12 a.m. Friday and Saturday."




MAY 9, 2019

How D.C. Restaurants Are Accommodating Observant Muslims During Ramadan

"Mostly, Brandt says she wants Muslims to have the same dining options she has during Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter.

'I think everybody would appreciate consumer services during their holiday season. I don’t think anybody gets mad about that,' Brandt says.

"Dine After Dark is currently offering free membership to restaurants during their first year with the initiative. After that, an annual membership will cost $500. Brandt says that money will go toward advertising, like targeted ads on social media and direct mail, because the non-profit has virtually no overhead."


WAMU 88.5-American University Radio - RADIO


MAY 8, 2019

How One Non-Muslim Is Working To Make Restaurants More Inclusive During Ramadan

"Katherine Ashworth Brandt wants to make it easier for local Muslims who want to dine out during Ramadan. She’s the founder of Dine After Dark, a new initiative calling for restaurants in D.C. to stay open later to accommodate fasting Muslims. Brandt, who isn’t Muslim, says it’s good business to be inclusive...

“'This is about a business opportunity for businesses to serve their customers better. And we’re just trying to connect businesses to that market and prove that that market exists and there’s a demand for this,' she says."


The Kojo Nnamdi Show - RADIO


MAY 7, 2019

Can Inclusivity Be Good For Business During Ramadan? 

(Radio Interview)

"While eating limitations during Ramadan have allowed a unique culture to spring up in 24-hour restaurants like IHOP, one Washingtonian felt like these challenges also presented a business opportunity. Can Inclusivity Be Good For Business During Ramadan?"


NPR Morning Edition - RADIO


MAY 6, 2019

Muslims Around The World Begin Observing Ramadan 

(Audio Clip)

"Host David Greene talks to writer Wajahat Ali about how American Muslims are observing the holy month of Ramadan [and the new effort to Dine After Dark] soon after two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, were attacked."


The Root


MAY 3, 2019

How IHOP Became A Pre-Dawn Meal Staple For Some American Muslims Observing The Holy Month Of Ramadan

"And for one woman, IHOP is all good, but she is hoping to give observant Muslims more pre-dawn food options.

"Katherine Ashworth Brandt, a white, Christian woman, has launched the Dine After Dark initiative to encourage businesses to extend their hours for Ramadan in areas with significant Muslim populations like those in D.C. and northern Virginia."


The Washington Post


 MAY 2, 2019

Enough With The Pancakes. Can Muslims Get More Than IHOP At Ramadan?

IN PRINT: May 3, 2019; Metro Section

"Though IHOP comes out as the clear favorite, even for just a month, chocolate chip pancakes can get old. The same thing happens to vegetarians, who get sick of being offered nothing but salads and pasta.

"So enter 'Dine After Dark,' a new effort by a D.C. graduate student who spotted a classmate eating at 7-Eleven because nothing else was open when it was time for her to have her suhoor meal. Katherine Ashworth Brandt isn’t even Muslim. But she’s urging area restaurants to extend their hours to be more Ramadan-friendly."


Liputan News (Indoneasia)


MAY 1, 2019

Welcoming Ramadan 2019, Restaurants In The US Capital City Are Called To Open Up To Sahur

(Language: Indonesian; Translation courtesy of Google):

"This is what later underlies the emergence of the Dine After Dark campaign since last year, which seeks to urge the restaurant industry, not only in the US capital but in other regions, to increase operating hours during the holy month of Ramadan, until the dawn. According to its initiator, Katherine Ashworth Brandt, who is a former aide to the US Congress, the campaign will benefit both parties, restaurant entrepreneurs and consumers."


The DC Post


 APR. 30, 2019

DC Restaurants Urged to Offer Extra Hours for Fasting Muslims in Ramadan

Former Congressional Aide Katherine Ashworth Brandt hopes an initiative she started will help Muslims enjoy a more comfortable fasting month in D.C. this year. Under Dine After Dark, she urges the capital’s restaurants to extend working hours to accommodate them.

“I want this to be a common business practice,” Brandt, 34, told Religion News Service.

On May 5, observant Muslims will start abstaining from food day-long on the occasion of Ramadan, a month of special prayers. Participating restaurants will open around 4:00 a.m. for “suhoor” meal before the start of daily fasting period. They will also close about two hours after sunset to offer fast-breaking “iftar” meals.


Prayer of Peace


APR. 30, 2019

Restaurants Asked To Provide Dishes For Muslims In Ramadan

"Muslims usually during their holy months of Ramadan, break their Ramadan fast at sundown with dried dates. Many American Muslim families before their full day of fasting head to IHOP for gorging a plate of pancakes. It’s not because Muslims like pancakes more than any other Americans. It’s because the 24 hour-pancake house chain is the only local restaurant that opens at suhoor. Suhoor is the meal eaten just before the ritual fast that kicks off at daybreak.

"A new push or drive called Dine after Dark wants to change that concept, at least for Muslims living in and around the country’s capital."


Religion News Service


APR. 25, 2019

In D.C., A Call For Restaurants To Give Fasting Muslims An Alternative To IHOP In Ramadan

"Restaurateurs participating in Dine After Dark would open around 4 a.m., to give Muslims two hours before sunup to eat before abstaining from food and drink for the rest of the day, or close around 10:30 p.m., about two hours after sunset, when observant Muslims break their fast. Depending on their business models, some restaurants would expand both morning and evening hours. Two extra hours may not be enough to serve all Muslims’ needs, Brandt acknowledged, but it’s a start."


Eastern Market Main Street's Business Beat


APR. 1, 2019

This Ramadan, Invite Guests To Dine After Dark

"Promote inclusivity and your business with extended hours May 5 - June 4, now FREE to New Members."

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Washington City Paper


MAR. 1, 2019

Dine After Dark Asks D.C. Restaurants To Stay Open Later During Ramadan

"Local Muslims who observe the month-long holiday of Ramadan may encounter new places to break their nightly fasts this year thanks to a nascent nonprofit called Dine After Dark. Founder Katherine Ashworth Brandt is asking D.C. restaurants to keep their kitchens open later to accommodate those who cannot eat before the sun sets. By joining the movement, Brandt says restaurants demonstrate inclusive business practices while also making it easier for Muslims to mark an important occasion."


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