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Dine After Dark is a nonprofit organization building inclusive communities through better business practices. 

Our growing network of members offer extended operating hours during the annual Islamic holiday month of Ramadan, in order to provide more choices to Muslim consumers who observe traditional Ramadan daily fasting from dawn until dusk.   

By demonstrating this tangible commitment to inclusion, Dine After Dark members benefit their own businesses, customers, and local communities.

We are currently welcoming new members for Dine After Dark's Spring 2019 Season,  coinciding with Ramadan from May 5 - June 4, 2019. Sign up today to invite your customers to Dine After Dark!



Dine After Dark members enjoy opportunities to reach new customers, better-serve existing ones, increase revenue, and inspire consumer loyalty.


Dine After Dark offers your customers more choices and conveniences during the Ramadan holiday season by catering to their needs. Our inclusive practices make customers feel welcomed, respected, and valued by your business.


Dine After Dark encourages inclusiveness and public awareness of the Islamic tradition. By demonstrating respect for all members of our community, we strengthen bonds as neighbors and friends. 

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During the Islamic holiday month of Ramadan, many Muslims observe traditional holiday fasting, abstaining from eating or drinking from dawn to dusk each day.

Because Ramadan follows the lunar calendar, it begins several days earlier each year (for more details, visit FAQs). When Ramadan occurs during the long days of summer - when the sun rises as early as 6am and sets as late as 9pm - fasting lasts all day, often ending just as many businesses are closing for the evening. This limits consumer options and causes businesses to miss out on hungry customers. 

By extending business hours during the month of Ramadan, Dine After Dark members better-serve their customers and communities by demonstrating a commitment to inclusion.

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